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Barn, Wiltshire

Private House

The original stone barn had stood within the grounds of a converted barn. BMD obtained planning approval for its change to residential use.
The design has sought to try and inhabit the existing barn shell and that of its attached outbuildings. A section of the outbuildings required re-building. The original roof trusses required altering to allow an additional second floor to be constructed within the main barn. The main barn has been designed as a self-contained entity, so that the outbuilding can be closed down for periods when it is not in use.
Whilst the original lancet openings on the north elevation were retained as windows, privacy was maintained by adjacent planting and by installing oak doors to the original main opening on the neighbours side, thus preserving the look of the barn before conversion.
Where possible materials were re-used. Trusses and circular stone piers were salvaged from the outbuildings, and re-worked into the scheme. All new joinery has been undertaken in European Oak with low-E glazing.
The building has been insulated to meet today's high standards. Heating is provided by an air source heat pump which utilises the heat within the air and is supplemented by solar panels. An energy efficient woodstove provides local heat within the library.
A new bio-disc type drainage system was also installed which drains to an ancient local watercourse .
Extensive use has been made of low-energy lighting throughout the house.

Built by P J Harrington

Nick Matthews